10 Unknown Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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We’ve known cinnamon as a common spice, usually added to our favorite, carb-filled drinks and pastries to amp up the musky, sweet flavor. Your favorite apple pie will never be perfect without it; but did you know that other than delighting our taste buds, cinnamon also does wonders to our health? Now pull that platter of cinnamon roll close by, and we suggest you dig in and enjoy its delicious flavors as you read on.

Cinnamon has long been used for its medicinal value since the olden times, and many of its positive effects are now backed by modern research. Some of its health benefits may astound you, just like the ten we’ve listed below:

  1. It helps control your blood sugar. Some properties of Cinnamon are studied to aid diabetics with insulin resistance. Ceylon Cinnamon is a popular choice because of its low Coumarin levels—a substance which causes liver damage. The Cinnemaldehyde property of Cinnamon is also said to control blood sugar levels.
  2. It helps prevent cancer. Cinnamon oil, according to research, aids in treating tumors and melanomas. In some cases, sugar-causing and sugar-sustained cancer cells are mitigated with the help of cinnamon oil intake. Studies have also gained positive effects with leukemia cancer cells.
  3. It is anti-bacterial. Cinnamon leaf oil, particularly from Ceylon, makes a natural disinfectant alternative, effectively killing varieties of Coli and Salmonella. Use cinnamon oil with water to disinfect parts of your home, such as the kitchen sink, countertops and exposed objects such as door knobs.
  4. It helps preserve food. Because of its anti-bacterial properties, cinnamon is a perfect, natural food preservative. Many South Asian countries make use of this spice in food preparation, paired with other spices, such as chili.
  5. It is a powerful anti-oxidant. You read it right—cinnamon is an anti-oxidant that lessens the formation of cancer-causing free radicals. A dash of cinnamon in your coffee will not only improve its taste, but also strengthen your system against these harmful elements.
  6. It works as a potent insect repellant. Cinnamon oil is a well-known defense against mosquitos, lice, ants, mites and bugs. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, you can make a sweet smelling, DIY rub that keeps unwanted insects at bay.
  7. It is a remarkable mood enhancer. The scent of cinnamon easily uplifts a person, making it a perfect spice to bid those winter blues goodbye. On gloomy days, a cup of hot chocolate with a sprinkling of cinnamon and mallows can instantly change one’s mood.
  8. It aids you in your weight loss. Trying to lose weight? Use cinnamon in your daily meals. Properties of cinnamon fosters blood thinning which results to increased blood flow, enhancing your metabolism and helping you keep up with the changes on your movement and diet as you lose weight.
  9. It strengthens your bones. Cinnamon is packed with high levels of Manganese, an important nutrient used to build bones, tissues and blood. Take in cinnamon to prevent the development of bone-related ailments, such as arthritis and osteoporosis.
  10. It offers a cure for coughs and colds. Cinnamon is known to be an immune-system booster. At the first sign of flu, take in cinnamon tea. Its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties aid in proper blood flow circulation, which in turn, fortifies your body from the impending illnesses.