4 Common Mistakes Made by Healthy Eaters

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Photo by Britt Selvitelle

More and more people are making the decision to start eating healthier. The problem with that is that they will continue to make the same eating mistakes within the first couple of months, and then return to bad eating habits. Listed below are 4 common diet mistakes:

1. Not enough protein eaten at breakfast
You might consider a healthy breakfast to be a bowl of cereal with non-fat milk and a banana. An hour later, though, you find yourself hungry again. The fact of the matter is that the protein in the milk is not enough to sustain you through to lunch. Healthy fats like almonds are a good cereal addition, or you may also consider adding more protein in the form of a hard-boiled egg. This will help keep hunger at bay.

2. Eating a snack
Nutritionists and diet experts recommend a mid-morning snack if there is going to be 4 or more hours between breakfast and lunch. If the snack size is too large, you end up creating an extra meal. Ideally, a snack should come in at under 200 calories. It should also be comprised of either protein, healthy fat, or a combination of both. Skip the snack completely if you are not experiencing hunger.

3. Salads for lunch
People on a diet will often think they are doing great when they have a salad for lunch, but what is included in that salad? If it is full of bacon bits, croutons, a lot of cheese, or covered in creamy dressing, it may not be that healthy. Additionally, adding too much chicken, avocado, or olive oil can mean cranking up the calorie count.

4. Skipping carbs at dinner
It is still totally possible to lose weight when you enjoy carbs with your dinner. Many people will skip the carbs and choose a protein every time. This is not necessarily the best way to go. If, for example, you went with a 225 gm chicken breast, you would be looking at 375 calories. If you went with a 113 gm piece of chicken instead, and served it with a ½ cup of brown rice, you would actually save close to 80 calories. You would also be getting a serving of fiber, which will help with your weight loss, too.