Can Asthma Medication Help Treat Hives?

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Can Asthma Medication Help Treat Hives?A drug already used to treat moderate-to-severe allergic asthma appears to offer relief to people with chronic hives who haven’t been helped by standard medications, new research suggests.

The prescription drug — omalizumab (Xolair) — is already available to treat hives, following U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval earlier this year for that use.

The current study confirms that when Xolair is taken at a high dose for a six-month period it seems to be both safe and effective at controlling the severe and often debilitating itching that characterizes long-term hives.

While not lethal, chronic hives can last for months, and tend to come and go without a clear idea of what brings it on.

To explore Xolair’s potential, the team tested its effectiveness among more than 260 chronic hives patients for whom prior treatment had failed.

Patients were randomly divided into four groups, in which they were respectively treated with a once-a-month injection of Xolair at either a 75 milligram (mg) dose, a 150 mg dose, a 300 mg dose, or a dummy shot.

Tracking was conducted for both a three-month period and a six-month period.

The team found that by the 12th week, people given Xolair showed a marked reduction in their overall number of hives, hive intensity and itching severity, compared with patients who got the dummy treatment. And Rosen noted that roughly 40 percent saw a complete disappearance of all symptoms, while 80 percent experienced “what we call minimally important improvement.”

Symptom relief was maintained through the six-month mark, and the authors determined that those treated with the highest (300 mg) dosage of Xolair saw the biggest improvement.

Side effects were described as being mild to moderate, and included headaches, joint pain, sinus infection and reactions at the point of injection. Whilst the medication can help to aid with the wider issue of treating hives, these potential side effects can take a toll on your life too, especially if left untreated. Particular symptoms such as headaches and joint pain can be relieved through the likes of CBD oil if you find that the pain is just too much for you to bear. If you’re interested in trying out CBD oil for the first time, you might head online to find products to suit you. There are plenty of sites on the web, such as this ‘CBD olie‘ review site, showcasing products that locals in the Netherlands may find effective. You can order these kinds of products online to be delivered to you. Of course, when it comes to trying different medications and treatments, you should always check with a medical practitioner first, before proceeding. It may turn out that you would simply need an Ankle Sleeve or something similar to help treat the joint pain. Talk with your doctor to see if Xolair is right for you and if the side effects would be managable.

In conclusion to this, the study authors acknowledged that more research will be needed to see how the drug performs over longer periods of time.