Tao WellShell Offers Electronic Option for Isometric Exercises

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There are all kinds of isometric exercises devices that can keep track of your fitness and can measure the heart rate. However, if you want the best, you can’t get any better than the Tao Wellness’ WellShell isometric fitness device.

isometric tao

WellShell will track your fitness progress, using iOS and Android companion apps. It’s a thousand year-old idea; squeeze something as hard as possible, causing your strength to increase over time. The app provides users with 50 various isometric exercises that include putting pressure on the WellShell device in many ways.

According to Tao, the WellShell device assists people find the time to exercise even if they’re not in their home or at the gym. It comes with over 50 Variobic exercises based upon isometrics such as planking or Yoga – all of which is explained in the phone app. All you need to do to use the WellShell is hold it in your hands, between your knees, against a desk, or against your thighs and press it.

It’ll use audio cues to coach you, let you know when you need to press, how hard you need to press and for the period of time. The app will keep track of your other activities as well and input eaten meals.

It uses a three-axis accelerometer that tracks the pressure and position, and will auto-calibrate to take into consideration your exerted force. The app includes games such as a ski-slalom that’s controlled by pressure and a two-player sum of game that allows you to complete with a fellow Tao-equipped friend in a test of strength.

While it may be a difficult way for people to get in their exercise, it does provide a unique way to increase strength when you’re doing nothing else.