Study Shows Sitting For Long Periods Has Detrimental Impact On Health

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70 percent of all Opower employees have a standing desk.

Carleigh Graves, who works for the Virginia software company, said her first week standing was a bit of challenge because her feet hurt. However, the Opower employee doesn’t feel any more pain.

According to health experts, people should stand more as a new study reveals that too much sitting increases the chance for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and death.

Dr. David Alter, who works at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, said even 30 to 60 minutes of exercise each day doesn’t give enough assurance that sitting down for the remainder 23 hours is okay to do.

Alter said every person needs to make the necessary effort to get moving. He authored the study, which found that the health risks of sitting down were worse for folks who don’t participate in any kind of physical activity.

Alter said taking stairs or walking the dog could have a profound effect on people’s health.

Researchers looked back to various studies on sedentary behavior to drawn up their own conclusions. They’ve concluded that the health risks are worst for people who sit for eight to nine hours a day. Therefore, they suggested people who work at a sit-down job need to get up every 30 minutes and walk around for one to three minutes.

Experts said more calories are burned standing than they are sitting.