Will Healthcare.gov Work this Time?

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Bloomberg News reported that the federal marketplace site’s webmaster, Kevin Counihan, expects such a positive experience online that people will become fans of the online marketplace. Most of the key issues behind last year’s crashing of healthcare.gov, the federal marketplace website have now been resolved. The site’s recent makeover has enabled visitors to check out plans more easily prior to submitting their details. State exchanges that have the most issues have been upgraded this year as well, or the federal government has taken over responsibility from them entirely.

However there are still reasonable grounds to think that the system may not operate flawlessly. In fact, the Health and Human Services Department is anticipating outages. It has been acknowledged by administration representatives that the marketplace’s back end, which handles information verification and communication with insurers, is yet to be finished, and consternation about website relaunches has been registered by some state exchange representatives. Also, customers needing help comparing networks of hospitals, doctors and plans will be disappointed by the absence of any new site features or tools. Customers still need to contact every insurance plan on an individual basis in order to discover the drugs, hospitals and doctors that are covered.